The Mass Spectrometry society of Japan - The 68th Annual Conference on Mass Spectrometry, Japan


Lunchtime Seminars  Day 1, June 22(Wed.)

[1A-L] Luncheon Seminar (Presented by Shimadzu Corporation)
Room A (Main Hall) 12:20-13:20


Food metabolomics of alcoholic beverage using single quadrupole LC-MS

Takanari Hattori, Natsuki Iwata, oJun Watanabe

[1B-L] Luncheon Seminar (Presented by SCIEX)
Room B (409 and 410) 12:20-13:20


Detailed structural analysis of compounds using Electron Activated Dissociation (EAD)

oShigehiro Asai, Ushio Takeda, Takashi Baba

[1C-L] Luncheon Seminar (Presented by Agilent Technologies Japan, Ltd.)
Room C (411 and 412) 12:20-13:20


Introduction of innovation in the hydrogen carrier gas GC/MS and Agilent at ASMS

Ryo Ogasawara, oTakeshi Serino

[1D-L] Luncheon Seminar (Presented by FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation)
Room D (413 and 414) 12:20-13:20


Automated proteomics sample preparation of Extracellular vesicles from human plasma and serum

oSatoshi Muraoka, Jun Adachi