The Mass Spectrometry society of Japan - The 68th Annual Conference on Mass Spectrometry, Japan


Lunchtime Seminars  Day 3, June 24(Fri.)

[3A-L] Luncheon Seminar (Presented by Thermo Fisher Scientific K.K.)
Room A (Main Hall) 12:20-13:20


The cutting-edge mass spectrometry platforms which supports workflow from sample to results

(Thermo Fisher)
oKentaro Takahara

[3B-L] Luncheon Seminar (Presented by Agilent Technologies Japan, Ltd.)
Room B (409 and 410) 12:20-13:20


Bond Elut Lipid Extraction (Solid-phase Extraction Column For Lipid) In Lipidomics

oYuji Sawada

[3C-L] Luncheon Seminar (Presented by Protein Metrics)
Room C (411 and 412) 12:20-13:20


Introduction of Byos/Byosphere, gold standard MS spec data process system for biopharma

(Protein Metrics)
oAkihito Usa, Ayako Kurimoto

[3D-L] Luncheon Seminar (Presented by Nihon Waters K.K.)
Room D (413 and 414) 12:20-13:20


New Product SELECT SERIES MRT: Next Generation High Mass Resolution and High Mass Accuracy Quadrupole-Time-of-flight mass spectrometer (Q-Tof)-Key Features and Applications-

(Nihon Waters)
oThanai Paxton, Motoji Oshikata, Kenji Hirose