The 53rd Annual Conference on Mass Spectrometry, Saitama, Japan, 2005
We set the main subject of this Annual Conference on Mass Spectrometry as follows;

"Create MS for the Next Generation"

Mass Spectrometry (MS) has spread over numerous fields, and it is established as an essential method.
However, this does not mean at all that mass spectrometry is coming to reach its full growth. Since mass spectrometry has spread and developed over various fields, severe demands have been given from many applied fields, and it actually has had mountainous pile of problems to be solved in the future.
Despite of the fact that there are plenty of severe demands, in academic societies related to Mass Spectrometry, there are few projects that aim actively creating mass spectrometry for the next generation. As a result, there is a tendency that aggressive projects, which exceed just presenting the newest achievement, do not appear.

In consideration of this actual situation, we return to a basic foundation of which mass spectrometry consists, and analyzes current mass spectrometry thoroughly from the fundamental point of view. Starting from the basic point of view, we would like to set up forward-looking directions that create new mass spectrometry, which meets severe requirements for the next generation. We are working out as considering on this point.

We set up a purpose to establish an enlightening conference, which can give rise to members' expectations; "If we join a conference on mass spectrometry, we can collect information over a broad range of fields from the basic research to application."

The word "MS" in the title has several meanings as follows;

Mass Spectrometry,
Ionization Methods, and
Mass Spectrometrists

In order to develop Mass Spectrometry and its related fields in Japan, we made consideration to encourage young people.

We look forward to meeting all of you at the 53rd Annual Conference on Mass Spectrometry.

The Organizing Committee

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