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Plenary Lectures     < Program >
Hirokazu Hori (University of Yamanashi)
"Near-field optics in nano-scale mass spectrometry."
Scott A. McLuckey (Purdue University)
"Bio-Ion/Ion Reactions and Their Application to Biopolymer Mixture Analysis"

Special Lecture     < Program >
Jeremy K. Nicholson (Imperial College London)
"Understanding global systems biology using spectroscopic tools and metabonomics."

Award Lectures     < Program >
by the recipient of each award in 2005

Symposia     < Program >
"Ionization methods for the next generation"
organized by Kenzo Hiraoka (Univ. Yamanashi)
"Instrumentation for the 21st century"
organized by Morio Ishihara (Osaka Univ.)
"The new scissors for cutting molecules: Electron Transfer Dissociation (ETD)"
organized by Takae Takeuchi (Nara Women's Univ.)
"Isotope separation and measurement"
organized by Masao Nomura (Tokyo Inst. Technology)
"Characterization of synthetic polymers by MALDI-MS: present and future"
organized by Hiroaki Sato (AIST)
"Mass Spectrometry in Forensic Science and Security -ABC (Atomic, Biological, and Chemical) Terrorism"
organized by Yukiko Hirabayashi (Hitachi, Ltd.)
"For overcoming of drug toxicity"
organized by Yutaka Hashimoto (Univ. Yamanashi)
"Metabolomics and bioinformatics"
organized by Ryo Taguchi (Univ. Tokyo)
"Protein Mass Spectrometry -From the dawn of a new age to the recent proteomics-"
organized by Kazuo Hirayama (Ajinomoto Co., Inc.)

Workshops     < Program >
"What are the limit and beyond of the spray ionization methods?"
organized by Kenzo Hiraoka (Univ. Yamanashi)
"Exploring the essentials of desorption ionization"
organized by Mitsuo Takayama (Yokohama City Univ.)
"From well-known ionization methods to revolutionary MS tools"
organized by Kenzo Hiraoka (Univ. Yamanashi) and Mitsuo Takayama (Yokohama City Univ.)
"Imaging mass spectrometry aimed at biological materials"
organized by Yasuhide Naito (Osaka Univ.)

Submitted Papers
Day 1 Wednesday, May 25
Day 2 Thursday, May 26
Day 3 Friday, May 27

Time Table
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