Call for Papers; Presentation Guidelines
Presenting authors: Please come back to this page occasionally for checking additional information.
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Call for Papers How to Submit Your Abstract
Manuscript Preparation for the Book of Abstracts Short Abstract; Publication of the Book of Abstract
Presentation Guidelines

Call for Papers
Papers in all the fields of mass spectrometry and related topics may be submitted for poster presentations. Submitted abstracts are reviewed by the program committee and authors will be notified about acceptance/rejection.

Every effort will be made to accommodate your preference in presenting session. However, the program committee reserves the right to schedule a paper as necessary.

Before submitting your abstract, please read the instructions in the How to Submit Your Abstract section and Manuscript Preparation for the Book of Abstracts section.

How to Submit Your Abstract
You are encouraged to submit abstract on-line. You need to register for the conference, before makeing an on-line paper submission. We assume the presenting author is submitting his/her own abstract. (Although it is not a standard procedure, a non-presenting author can also submit an abstract on behalf of the presenting author, if necessary. The instructions in this section may not be applicable to such a case.)
You can freely edit, modify or withdraw your abstract before the deadline of on-line paper submission.
If you are unable to use the on-line submission for some reason, contact the organizing committee ASAP. Off-line solutions may not be available when the deadline is getting very close.
On-line paper submission

You can submit your abstract from the Registration & Paper Submission section. Fill all information according to the instructions:

You need :
  1. Registration number (you will receive it just after your on-line conference registration) and your e-mail address.
  2. Field of work (choose one from the list).
  3. Title of the paper, name of institution(s) where the work was done, and names of all the coauthors.
  4. Name of the presenting author (the person who gives a talk and attends a poster session)
  5. Contact information (presenting author): name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.
  6. Short abstract (max 200 words): details
  7. Manuscript for the Book of Abstracts: in Microsoft Word or PDF file smaller than 2M-bytes. IMPORTANT: You must check the sample image generated from your Microsoft Word file after your manuscript submission. (See the instructions in the Manuscript Preparation for the Book of Abstracts section.)

Deadline : 5:00 pm, Friday, March 26, 2010 (Japan standard time)
No further editing and/or withdrawal is allowed after the deadline.
Those who wish to submit off-line

We strongly recommend the use of on-line paper submission for your convenience. However, if you are unable to use the on-line submission, please contact the organizing committee as soon as possible. Off-line solutions may not be available when the deadline is getting very close.

Manuscript Preparation for the Book of Abstracts
Follow the detailed instructions in the sample/template file downloaded from the link below. The actual Book of Abstracts will be printed in "A4 page size" in black and white.
Paper manuscript: 1 portrait pages of A4 size.
Size of the file: no bigger than 2 M-bytes
Instructions/Sample: PDF version (Adobe Acrobat Reader required)
Instructions/Template: Microsoft Word document file (Microsoft Word required)
Instructions for uploading your manuscript

We accept a Microsoft Word document file (recommended) or a PDF file. Prepare and save your manuscript in Microsoft Word document format (.doc), if possible. Otherwise, prepare your manuscript with other word processor software and convert the document file to a PDF file for uploading. A special care is necessary for the PDF conversion.

File format: - Microsoft Word document file (Microsoft Word required)
Microsoft Word 2007 file (.docx) is not acceptable. If you are using Microsoft Word 2007, make sure to convert your document file to the version of Microsoft Word 2003 (.doc).

- PDF file (Adobe Acrobat required or other PDF file generating software required)

Size of the file: 2 M-bytes or smaller

File uploading: # Microsoft Word users
Upload your Microsoft Word document file in original file format: the recommended procedure.

# Non-MS Word users
Convert your document file to a PDF file with Adobe Acrobat or other PDF file generating software before uploading.
All the fonts must be embedded correctly. (Adobe Acrobat users: Select "Press" in the job options.)

uploaded file:
[VERY IMPORTANT] You must verify the image of your manuscript after uploading. Do it as follows and replace your manuscript, if necessary.

(1) You will receive an e-mail that acknowledges your submission approximately in 20 min.
(2) Find the URL for manuscript downloading and open it for checking your manuscript thoroughly, especially if all the characters appeared as you wish and all the figures, tables, and other graphic items are in place.
(3) If you have uploaded a Microsoft Word document (the recommended procedure), what you see now is a PDF image file, which has been generated from your document file at the file server. By checking this PDF image file, you can confirm that the file server "sees" your document as you intended. (The quality of PDF image is not equal to the actual print, which should be better than you see on the screen.)
(4) If you have uploaded a PDF file, you have to be very sure about font embedding. If all the fonts were not embedded correctly, what you see on the screen may not be the same as what the server sees (and thus the actual page image to be printed). If you are not sure about font embedding, ask someone around you or contact to the Help Desk.
(5) If necessary, edit your manuscript for fixing any problems and upload the new version to replace the original version. You can freely edit, modify, and replace your abstract before the deadline of on-line paper submission.
(6) You will be given one B&W pages in the Book of Abstract. If you uploaded two pages or more, only the first two pages will be printed.
(7) The Book of Abstract will be printed in B&W even if you could see the downloaded image as a color document.
(8) You are the best person to ensure the appearance of your manuscript in the Book of Abstract to be what it should be. Thank you for your cooperation in verification of the downloaded image.
(9) You can contact the Help Desk for technical issues regarding manuscript downloading.

Short Abstract; Publication of the Book of Abstracts
Short abstract

The short abstract is intended to be posted on the Web. The length should be 200 words or less. No figures and tables are allowed. Use standard characters only. However, a few HTML tags and Greek letters may be used as shown in the Instructions on Special Characters. The short abstracts of accepted papers may be posted on the Web with the final program after the publication date of the Book of Abstracts. Short abstracts on invited talks may be posted earlier. Check with your session organizer, if necessary. Please confirm the appearance of your tags and special characters on the final confirmation screen of the on-line paper submission.

Publication of the Book of Abstracts

The Book of Abstracts will be published by MSSJ on June 1, 2010.

Presentation Guidelines

Registration desk will be opened from 9:00 am at the entrance hall on the first floor.

Conference sessions: ROOM A: Main Convention Hall (2nd Floor)
ROOM B: Rm 200 (2nd Floor)
ROOM C: Rm 101 (1st Floor)
ROOM D: Rm 201 (2nd Floor)
ROOM E: Rm 202 (2nd Floor)
ROOM P: Multi-Purpose Hall & Rm 102(1st Floor), Poster & Corporate Exhibition
Plenary Lectures

You are requested to make presentation in the ROOM A (Main Convention Hall).
The time slot for plenary lecture I is 60-minutes.
The time slot for plenary lecture II and III are 50-minutes. ,
Please, leave 5 minutes for discussion.
Computer projection will be equipped.
Symposiums and Workshops

Please refer to the organizer of your presentation for details.
Computer projection will be equipped.
Computer Data Projection

The organizing committee recommends to bring your own computer with an analog VGA (mini D-SUB 15pin) connector for computer data projection. A VGA cable is prepared for an interface for the LCD projector.

You are also required to bring the AC power adaptor for your computer.

Make sure to standby at the location of your presentation with your PC and AC adaptor during the intermission before your session starts. A projection test will be held in the intermission.

Please turn off sleep-mode and screen saver of your computer before projection test. The computer must be kept alive using the AC power adaptor throughout the session to avoid any trouble.
Poster Presentations

Poster Each author will be provided poster board 180 cm wide and 210 cm high.
Please provide your own supplies, including pushpins or velcro to mount your poster.
Posters must be in place on the scheduled day (the poster number will be attached at the top of the boards), the first and second day: 9:00-17:00, the third day 9:00-15:30.

Author must present at 11:20-12:20 (odd number of poster #) on the scheduled day.
Author must present at 13:40-14:40 (even number of poster #) on the scheduled day.

Inquiries about Presentation and Paper Submission
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