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   If you fly and get the Haneda airport that is close to the center of Tokyo, the easiest way to get Tsukuba is to take a direct bus between Haneda and Tsukuba. The bus leaves the airport every hour and takes about 80 min. You can get a ticket in the arrival lounge. Other way is to take the Tokyo monorail (Haneda - Hamamatsucho), the JR Yamanote line (Hamamatsucho - Akihabara), and then the Tsukuba Express (Akihabara - Tsukuba). It takes about 1h 40 min. It runs every 20 min., but the transfer is rather complex. From other areas, please get Tokyo and then Akihabara. The Tsukuba Express takes you to the Tsukuba terminal for less than 1h. The conference site is within a walking distance from the Tsukuba terminal. You can get a map on the above URL. Please take the pedestrian path on that map.

   There is also a direct bus service to Tsukuba from the Narita International Airport where most international flights arrive. Please go to the information desk when you arrive.

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