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<< Announcement >>
The 50th. Annual Conference on Mass Spectrometry Kyoto, Japan, 2002 will be held from Wed. May 15th. through Fri. May 17th., 2002 in Kyoto. We organizers are planning a special symposium on a broad range of topics in the ever growing mass spectrometry to gather and discuss with many mass spectrometrists, users, instrument designers and engineers, and manufacturers. Renowned scientists from around the world will be invited for special lectures.

The purposes of the conference are;

  1. To review the current state of mass spectrometry. The practical progress of ionization technics and mass analyzer is expanding the applicable fields of mass spectrometry. To know the molecular weights of compounds is quite important as the first step of the various study. High throuput technics in pretreatment also expand practical utilities of mass spectrometry.

  2. To review the possibilities of mass spectrometry to overcome the current difficulties and to meet the user's needs, that other analytical methods can scarcely solve, for the future progress of mass spectrometry.

  3. To bring up young researchers on mass spectrometry who get the chance to use mass spectrometers and have the results of their studies in an international field. The future of mass spectrometry grows up with them.

We hope the 50th Annual Conference on Mass Spectrometry Kyoto, Japan, 2002 will be successful.
General Information
Date15( Wed ) - 17( Fri ) May, 2002
LocationKyoto Institute of Technology ( Matsugasaki Campus )
Gosyokaido-cho Matsugasaki Sakyo-ku Kyoto 606-8585, Japan
AuspicesThe Mass Spectrometry Society of Japan
Joint Auspices
 and Cosponsors
Joint Auspices: ( 9 Institutions )
The Chemical Society of Japan / Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry / The Japanese Biochemical Society / The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry / The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan / The Geochemical Society of Japan / Atomic Energy Society of Japan / Japan Food Hygiene Association / The Japanese Society for the Study of Xenobiotics

Cosponsors: ( 13 Institutions )
The Japan Society of Applied Phisics / Atomic Collision Research in Japan / Japan Society for Environmental Chemistry / The Surface Science Society of Japan / The Vacuum Society of Japan / Spectroscopical Society of Japan / Japanese Society for Biomedical Mass Spectrometry / The Society for Chromatographic Sciences / The Japan Institute of Metals / Japan Society of Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis / The Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research / The Society of Polymer Science, Japan / The Ceramic Society of Japan
Topics The conference will cover topics related to any aspects of mass spectrometry.
Plenary Lectures
1. Prof. Dr. Koji Nakanishi
Department of Chemistry
Columbia University

2. Prof. R. Graham Cooks
Department of Chemistry
Purdue University

3. Dr. Sachiko Amari
Laboratory for Space Sciences, Physics Department
Washington University
Symposium The symposium will be organized by invited lecturers only. No applications are accepted.
Banquet 16( Thu ) May, 2002 at Kyoto Garden Palace ( The place was changed. )
Program 1st Day (May 15, 2002)
2nd Day (May 16, 2002)
3rd Day (May 17, 2002)
Presentation Types Oral presentations ( Presentation: 15 min., Discussion: 5 min. ) and Poster presentations will be accepted.
For more information, see "Preparation for the Presentation".
Registration Fee

Registration in Advance
Please pay by 15 Apr.
Registration on
the current day
Please pay after 16 Apr.
Member of MSSJ¥ 5,500¥ 6,500
Member of Joint Auspices & Cosponsors¥ 6,500¥ 7,500
Non Member¥ 7,500¥ 8,500
Student¥ 3,000¥ 4,000
Postage of the Book of Abstracts (Option)¥ 500---
Banquet Fee

Registration in Advance
Please pay by 15 Apr.
Registration on
the current day
Please pay after 16 Apr.
Participants¥ 6,000¥ 6,000
Others¥ 10,000¥ 10,000
for the Application
of Presentation
3 p.m. on 18 ( Fri ) Jan, 2002
>> Preparation for the Presentation
(* At first the deadline for the Application of Presentation was 11. Jan. 2002 but it was extended for a week because of a delay of the sending journals.)
for the Submission
of Abstract
15 ( Fri ) Mar, 2002
(Note: If the submission is later than the deadline, the page will be blank.)
>> Preparation of Abstracts
Deadline for the
10 ( Mon ) May, 2002
>> Apply for Conference and Banquet
If you would like the book of abstracts to arrive in advance, please send the money by 15 Apr.
Kyoto Institute of Technology ( Matsugasaki Campus )

The First Venue: Auditorium
The Second Venue: The building of the Dept. of Architecture & Design, Applied Biology, Polymer Science and Engineering ( unfixed )
Poster Presentation: University Club & Book Center

Kyoto Garden Palace
( The place was changed. )
Please make arrangements for a hotel by yourself. We will not arrange it. Famous festival called "Aoi-Matsuri" is held in May and hotels in Kyoto are expected to be full. So it is desirable that you make arrangements for a hotel early.
This is the list of hotels near the venue. We hope it will be helpfull for you.
Conference Office
The chief of the Organizing Committee
Ryouhei Yamaoka
Laboratory of Chemical Ecology, Department of Applied Biology, Faculty of Textile Science, Kyoto Institute of Technology

The Program-Chairman
Zenzaburou Tozuka
Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Research Institute for Pharmacokinetics
Contact to:
Michisato Toyoda
Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, Osaka University