The 51st Annual Conference on Mass Spectrometry (2003), Tsukuba, Japan
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Date May 14th (Wed) - May 16th (Fri), 2003
Place National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Tsukuba Central 1, Auditorium
  Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8561, Japan
Route JR Joban Line
Ueno Station-Arakawaoki Statin(60min.)
From Arakawaoki Station to Namikinichome Bus Stop(15min.)
Kantetsu Bus for Tsukuba Dai Chuo
for Kenchikukenkyujyo
for Tsukuba Center
Highway Bus
From Tokyo Station Yaesu South Exit to Namiki Oohashi Bus Stop (1hr)
for Tsukuba-Center
Joban Highway
Sakura Tsuchiura I.C. - AIST (10min)
Auspices The Mass Spectrometry Society of Japan
Topics Mass Spectrometry and the related area
Special Lecture Koichi Tanaka (Nobel Prize Chemistry 2002 Winner)
Invited Lectures from oversea

Ian A. Blair (University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine)
John R. Yates, III (The Scripps Research Institute)
Michael C. Fitzgerald (Duke University)
Marvin L. Vestal (Applied Biosystems R&D)
Mario Sergio Palma (Sao Paulo State University)
Mark Hail (Novatia)
Scot Weinberger/Rebecca Caffrey (Ciphergen Biosystems, Inc.)
Symposium 1, Drug Discovery & MS
Genome based drug discovery......Takeshi Nagasu (Eisai Co., Ltd.)
HTS & Combi. Chem.......Ichiro Morimoto (GSK)
Natural products......Nobuharu Shigematsu (Fujisawa Pharma.)
Pharmacokinetics......Hiroya Miura (Yamanouchi Pharma.)
The Different culture of research approach/strategies between USA & Japan......Susumu Nishimura (Banyu Tsukuba Res.)
2, The Development & Application of Separation Science
Takao Tsuda (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
Kiyokatsu Jinnno (Toyohashi University of Technology)
Yoshinobu Baba (Tokushima University)
Tomoyoshi Soga (Keio University)
3, Young researchers expected in the post-genome era
Yasuhiro Naito (Keio University, Tomita-Lab.)
Tsutomu Suzuki (Univ. Tokyo, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences)
Toru Natsume (Biological Information Research Center, AIST)
Yoshihiro Ohta (Hitachi Central Research Lab.)
Yasushi Ishihama (University of South Denmark, Mann-Lab.)
Emiko Yamauchi (Univ. Tokushima & RIKEN, Taniguchi-Lab.)
All symposium will be organized by invited speakers only
Luncheon Seminar

(two seminars/day)
Amersham Biosciences, Applied Biosystems, GL Sciences, Jusco International, Shimadzu, Waters
Other presentation types:

Banquet: May 15th (Thr), 2003 at AIST
Details: 1st Day, May 14
2st Day, May 15
3st Day, May 16
The provisional version (PDF 440KB)
Registration Fee

Registration in Advance
Please pay by 15 Apr
Registration on the current day
Please pay after 16 Apr
Member of MSSJ ¥ 5,500 ¥ 6,500
Member of Joint Auspices & Cosponsors ¥ 6,500 ¥ 7,500
Non Member ¥ 7,500 ¥ 8,500
Student ¥ 3,000 ¥ 4,000
Postage of the Book of Abstracts
¥ 500 -------------------
Banquet Fee

Registration in Advance
Please pay by 15 Apr.
Registration on the current day
Please pay after 16 Apr.
Participants ¥ 6,000 ¥ 6,000
Others ¥ 8,000 ¥ 8,000
Deadline for the Application of Presentation

20th ( Thu ) Feb, 2003
Deadline for the Submission of Abstract

14th ( Fri ) Mar, 2003
The online application deadline is 15:00 p.m. on 25th ( Tue ) Mar, 2003
Deadline for the Registration

9th ( Mon ) May, 2003
Please make arrangements for a hotel by yourself. We will not arrange it. There is another conference in Tsukuba during the same time, so we recommend that you make a reservation immediately. We hope the following hotel list is helpful for you. In case, you can not get any rooms, we may help you

1-1364-1, Azuma Tsukuba-city, Ibaraki 305-0031, Japan
TEL: 029-852-1112 (+81-29-852-1112)
FAX: 029-852-5623 (+81-29-852-5623)
2-20-1 Takezono, Tsukuba-city, Ibaraki 305-0032, Japan
TEL: 029-860-7700 (+81-29-860-7700)
FAX: 029-860-7701 (+81-29-860-7701)
Hotel Suwa
TEL: 029-836-4011 (+81-29-836-4011)
FAX: 029-836-3996 (+81-29-836-3996)
Hotel New Taka
TEL: 029-851-4788 (+81-29-851-4788)
FAX: 029-852-6388 (+81-29-852-6388)
Grand Shinonome
TEL: 029-856-2211 (+81-29-856-2211)
TEL: 029-851-0003 (+81-29-851-0003)
FAX: 029-851-1451 (+81-29-851-1451)
The chief of the organizing committee

Yoshiya Oda
Laboratory of Seeds Finding Technology, Eisai Co., Ltd.
Contact to

Kumiko Soga
Eisai Co., Ltd.