How to Register
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How to Register Registration for Scientific Sessions
Registration for Banquet Deadlines
For VISA application

How to Register
Register on-line (payable by Visa or Master card only) or register on-site (payable in Japanese-yen cash only).

Registration for Scientific Sessions

On-line advance registration
(before April 27:
reduced cost)
Regular registration
(after April 27 or on-site)
MSSJ Members#1 Regular Member JPY  6,000- JPY  7,000-
Student Member JPY  1,000- JPY  2,000-
Non-members#2 Others JPY  9,000- JPY 10,000-
Student JPY  2,000- JPY  3,000-

#1 All the emeritus members of MSSJ will receive complimentary full registration badge in the registration area on-site (no advance registration necessary).
All the MSSJ members in Japan (including non-conference registrant) will receive a copy of the Book of Abstract at their journal-receiving address prior to the conference.
#2 Registration fees for non-members include a copy of the Book of Abstract, which can be picked up in the registration area on-site.

Registration for Banquet
Registrant of the Scientific Sessions JPY  6,000-
Banquet-only Attendee
(Not registered for scientific sessions)
JPY  8,000-

# Registration for Banquet may be closed earlier as places as limited


4/27/2009 5:00pm
(Japan standard time)
Deadline of the on-line advance registration with reduced cost.

# Please register on-line from the menu button Registration & Paper Submission on the left side of this page.
# Use on-line advance registration to avoid waiting lines at on-site registration.
# Name badges and receipts will be ready for pick up in the registration area on-site for the convenience of advance registrants.
Non-MSSJ members: please don't forget to receive the Book of Abstract, as well.

For VISA application
Conference participants should familiarize themselves with visa requirements well. The organizers cannot intervene with Japanese embassies abroad or any authorities on behalf of any participant.
However, we will be able to send the acceptance of registration and/or the acceptance of abstract submission by regular postal service, fax or email. If you require any other proofs for your visa, your request will not be acknowledged or processed by the committee.

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