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05/01/2009Short abstracts of submitted papers are now accesible through the presentation numbers.
04/27/2009Online registration is closed. Please register on-site.
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Date Wednesday 13th - Friday 15th May 2009
Venue International House, Osaka
Auspices The Mass Spectrometry Society of Japan
Main Theme ON-KO-CHI-SHIN, Beyond the Time and Space
---An Approach toward 19th IMSC (Kyoto, 2012)---
Language The official conference language is Japanese.
No simultaneous translation into English will be provided.
But presentation of paper in English at any sessions is acceptable.
Registration On-line registration starts from 13th February 2009.
Banquet Thursday 14th May, International House, Osaka
Exhibition and Luncheon Seminars
Those who are interested in being an exhibitor should contact the conference office.
Hiroshi Yamaoka (Chair)
E-mail: Click here

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