The 55th Annual Conference on Mass Spectrometry, Hiroshima, Japan, 2007
"The Leading and Expanding Mass Spectrometry"

   The 55th Annual Conference on Mass Spectrometry will be held at the International Conference Center Hiroshima, Japan on 15-17 May, 2007. Mass spectrometry technology is rapidly expanding(growing) and blooming in numerous fields grounded on the consistent basic researches.

   MS is coming to fruition in various fields as well as playing a leading role and expanding not only within scientific technology but also in other fields which are meeting the publicfs needs. We would also like to re-evaluate the exploration of application studies and overview further MS possibilities. We firmly believe that one of our main roles as the Mass Spectrometry Society of Japan is to create an environment that is nurturing and also maintaining the basic research of MS. Our motto "the leading and expanding mass spectrometry" is directly related to the flowers and fruits of commitment in our affluent environment.

   In the near future MS will be an essential measuring technique in the field of life science and nano-technology, resulting in being utilized as a vital tool in medical care on a routine basis. As an accessible technique, there is no doubt that the day will come when MS is used by biochemists, molecular biologists and material researchers. MS is making many advancements, which is be proven by the increase of the number of students and younger participants in training sessions and meetings. In this sense, we are at the outset of "the expanding science of MS."

   We are planning to have various appealing meetings including, lectures offered by 9 distinguished speakers invited from all over the world as plenary lectures and the first Asian symposiums. We hope that many of you, particularly the younger generation of mass spectroscopists, biochemists, and biologists will attend this meeting to have active discussions. We are continuously making our best effort to contribute to great growth of mass spectrometry. Go! Go! MS! We ask your kind cooperation so that the 55th Annual Conference on Mass Spectrometry will be highly successful.
Chairman of The 55th Annual Conference on Mass Spectrometry
Tsutomu Masujima

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