How to Register
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How to Register Registration for Scientific Sessions
Registration for Banquet Deadlines

How to Register
Register on-line (payable by Visa or Master card only) or register on-site (payable in Japanese-yen cash only).

Registration for Scientific Sessions

On-line advance registration
(before April 25:
reduced cost)
Regular registration
(after April 25 or on-site)
MSSJ Members#1 Regular Member JPY  6,000- JPY  7,000-
Student Member JPY  1,000- JPY  2,000-
Non-members#2 Member of
Cosponsoring Societies
JPY  8,000- JPY  9,000-
Student JPY  2,000- JPY  3,000-
Others JPY  9,000- JPY 10,000-

#1 All the emeritus members of MSSJ will receive complimentary full registration badge in the registration area on-site (no advance registration necessary).
All the MSSJ members in Japan (including non-conference registrant) will receive a copy of the Book of Abstract at their journal-receiving address prior to the conference.
#2 Registration fees for non-members include a copy of the Book of Abstract, which can be picked up in the registration area on-site.

Registration for Banquet
Registrant of the Scientific Sessions JPY  6,000-
Banquet-only Attendee
(Not registered for scientific sessions)
JPY  8,000-

# Registration for Bunquet may be closed earlier if the number of registrant reached the capacity.


5 pm, April 25, 2007
(Japanese standard time)
Deadline of the on-line advance registration with reduced cost.

# Please register on-line from the menu button Registration & Paper Submission on the left side of this page.
# Use on-line advance registration to avoid waiting lines at on-site registration.
# Name badges and receipts will be ready for pick up in the registration area on-site for the convenience of advance registrants.
Non-MSSJ members: please don't forget to receive the Book of Abstract, as well.

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