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Plenary and Award Lectures Symposium
Workshop Poster presentations
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Plenary and Award Lectures     < Program >

Plenary Lectures

  • Can brain-driven society be understood at molecular level ?
    Takeshi Yoro (Professor emeritus, University of Tokyo)
  • Mass Spectrometric Investigation of Noncovalent Interactions using Ultra-soft Spray ionization and Ultra-high Mass Detection
    Renato Zenobi (Professor, ETH Zurich)

Award Lectures

  • MSSJ AWARD for Technical Development
    Development of Mass Spectrometer, from Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer to Quadrupole Ion Trap-Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer, and their popularization
    Kozo Miseki (Shimadzu)
    Development of time-of-flight mass spectrometers with a spiral ion trajectory
    Takaya Satoh (JEOL)

Symposium     < Program >
  • Contributions of absolute isotopic analysis to the determination of fundamental physical constants
  • Database-driven mass analytical informatics
  • Frontier of evolved gas analysis-mass spectrometry (EGA-MS)
  • Ion chemistry exploring new aspects in mass spectrometry
  • How can we apply mass spectrometry to agricultural, forestry and fisheries sciences ?
  • Basics and frontiers of secondary ion mass spectroscopy (SIMS)
  • MS spectral database for glycomics
  • Mass spectrometry in medical sciences
  • Ionization methods: fundamentals and future prospects
  • Advances in mass spectrometry imaging
  • Particle detection; Nobel prize to intractable diseases
  • Mass spectrometers we have always dreamed about

Workshop     < Program >
  • Competition: Which is the best LC/MS(/MS) model for pharmacokinetic scientists ?
  • MS cafe in TSUKUBA
  • Current state of terminology in mass spectrometry and new recommendation of IUPAC
  • Discussion on AAPS/FDA White Paper for bioanalytical method validation

Poster presentations
Day 1 Wednesday, May 14
Day 2 Thursday, May 15
Day 3 Friday, May 16

Time table
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