Plenary Lecture and Award Address .i1-PLP`R-PLPAQ|AAPj
Present No.
@Subject of Presentation
Authors' Name
1-PL1 Mass Spectrometry.  A Tool for Unlocking the Secrets of the Cells iThe Rockefeller Univ.j Brian T. Chait
2-PL1 Frontiers of Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry: Fundamentals, Techniques and Analytical/Biological Applications iICR Prog., NHMFL, Florida State Univ.j Alan G. Marshall
3-PL1 Mass-Independent Isotope Effects in Chemical Exchange Reaction iOsaka Univ.j Nishizawa Kazushige
2-AA1 A Fundamental Aspect of the Structure and Fragmentations of Organic Ions in Mass Spectrometry iProfessor Emeritus, Aichi Kyoiku Univercityj Hisao Nakata

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