Plenary Lecture and Award Address .(1-PL1〜3-PL1、2−AA1)

Mass Spectrometry.  A Tool for Unlocking the Secrets of the Cells
(The Rockefeller Univ.)
○Brian T. Chait

Frontiers of Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry: Fundamentals, Techniques and Analytical/Biological Applications
(ICR Prog., NHMFL, Florida State Univ.)
○Alan G. Marshall

Mass-Independent Isotope Effects in Chemical Exchange Reaction
(Osaka Univ.)
○Nishizawa Kazushige

A Fundamental Aspect of the Structure and Fragmentations of Organic Ions in Mass Spectrometry
(Professor Emeritus, Aichi Kyoiku Univercity)
○Hisao Nakata

Biological MS Sympo. (1-S1-01〜1-S1-06)
(Coordinator: T.Takao)

Solid-Phase Synthesis, Mass Spectrometic Analysis of the Zinc-Folding, and Phorbol Ester-Binding Studies of the 116-mer Peptide Containing the Tandem Cysteine-Rich C1 Domains of Protein Kinase C Gamma
(PE Biosystems Japan Ltd.,Kyoto Univ.,Stanford Univ.)
○H.Fukuda, K.Irie, A.Nakahara, H.Ohigasi, P.A.Wender)

An analysis of Dissociation and denaturation processes of a heterodimeric protein, by the pH titration utilizing ESIMS 
(Central Research Laboratories, Ajinomoto Co.,Inc., National Food Research Institute Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Water Research Institute, Biomolecular Engineering Research Institute)
◯T.Kasiwagi, N.Yamada, C.Suzuki, F.Tsuchiya, N.Kunishima, K.Morikawa,Y.Kashiwagi, Y.Arata, K.Hirayama

Probing the higher-order structure of proteins by mass spectrometry
(The Institute of Physical and Chemical research(RIKEN))
○S.Akashi, K.Takio

Site-specfic analysis of oligosaccharide structures in a glycoprotein by nanoflow ESI-MS
(Suntory Institute for Bioorganic Research)
○Miki Hisada

Mass Spectromatry in Proteomics: analysis of Posttranslational Modification of Proteins
(ICMS, Fujita Health Univ.)
◯H.Taniguchi, E.Yamauchi

Protein Identification by "MS-Match", a Software Aid for Cross-Matching between Mass Values and Sequence
(Inst. Protein Res. Osaka Univ., CIGB)
◯T.takao, J.Fernandez-de-Cossio, Y.satomi, Lazaro Betancourt, Javier Gonzalez, Y.Shimonisi

Clinical MS Sympo.(1-S1-07〜1-S1-10)
(Coordinator: Akira Shimizu)

The detections, characterizations and quantifications of aberrant proteins in body fluids by electrospray ionization mass sepectrometry
(Osaka Medical College)
Toyofumi Nakanishi

Structure and function of GPI-anchored protein
(Nagoya City Univ.)
Ryo TAguchi

MS application to immunology
(Ajinomoto Co., Inc)
Kazuo Hirayama

Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Abnormal Metabolites in Diabetes and Uremia
(Nagoya Univesity Daiko Medical Center)
Toshimitu Niwa

Environ. Sympo.(2-S1-01〜2-S1-04)
(Coordinator: Shinjirou Hori)

Analysis of Residual Pesticide in Food by GC/MS with negative Chemical  ionization
Osaka Prefectural Institute of Public Health
○Shinjirou Hori

Pesticide Residue Analysis in Agricultural Products by GC/MS
Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Public Health
◯Masahiko Tuji, Yumi Akiyama, Naoki Yoshioka

Overview of GC/MS Analysis for Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Environmenal Media
Osaka City Institute of Public Health and Environmental Sciences
○Minoru Fukushima

GC/MS Analysis of Dioxin Related Compouds
Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Environmental Science
○Takeshi Nakano

High Temp. MS Sympo. (3-S2-01〜3-S2-05)
(Coordinator: Tsuneo Matsui)

Vaporization Behavior of Actinide Mononitride
Dept.of Nuclear Energy system,Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
◯Kunihisa Nakajima, Yasuo Arai, Yasufumi Suzuki

Application of Mass Spectrometric Techniques to the Study of Plasma-Wall Interactions in Fusion Reactor
Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo
◯Kenji Yamaguchi・Keishirou Ohkoshi・Osamu Onoue・Michio Yamawaki

Rerformance of the atmosphere gas pressure-composition controle type high temperature mass spectrometer( 2)
University of tokyo
◯Masaru Yasumoto・Mithio Yamawaki

The State of Hydrogen in Zirconia in Equilibrium
Dept. of Quantum Engineering,Nagoya Univ.
◯Shinji Fukuda, Takanori Nagasaki, Tsuneo Matsui

Interpretation and Usage of Analytical Curve obtained by Hollow-Cathode-Lamp/Atomic-Absorption Combination for Pb,Zn,Te or In Atoms in Vacuum
Graduate School of Engineering,Tohoku University
◯Shigeatsu Nakazawa・Keisuke Nishiyachi・Gaku Tashiro・Hongmin Zhu・Tsutomu Yamamura

Isotope MS Sympo. (3-S3-01〜3-S3-03)
(Coordinator: Tsuneo Matsui)

What are per-solar graints?
Graduate School of Science,Osaka University
○Jyunichi Matsuda

Recent Studies of Presolar Grains
Washington University
○Sachiko Amari

Further prospects for Developing in-situ Isotopic Micro-Analysis 
Naruto University of Education
○Hiroshi Nishimura

TG-MS Workshop(1-W1-01〜1-W1-03)
(Coodinator: Takayoshi Kimura)

Characterization of Polymers by Temperature Programmed Pyrolysis-Mass Spectrometry.
(Department of Applied Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University.)
◯Hiroaki Sato, Hajime Ohtani, Shin Tsuge

Kinetic Analysis of Reactions by TG-MS
(Chiba lnstitute of Technology)
◯Takeo Ozawa

Study of Experimental Coditions of TG-MS
(Faculty of Education, Fukui University)

TG-MS Workshop(1-W1-01〜1-W1-03)
(Coodinator: Jyunko Iida・Hiroshi Yamaoka)

Certified Reference Materials for Analytical Quality Assurance
National Institute of Materials
◯Kensaku Okamoto

Quality Control of MS in Environmental Analysis
Shimadze Techno-Research Inc.
◯Takumi Takasuga

Quality Control of Analytical Method by Mass Spectrometry
Fujisawa Pharm.Co.,Ltd
◯Zenzaburou Tozuka

Uncertainty Prediction of Quantitative Mass Spectrometry
National Institute of Health Sciences,Toho University
◯Rieko Matsuda・Yuzuru Hayashi・Mitsuo Takayama・Yuji Haishima

Oral session(1-O2-01〜1-O2-06)

Mass Spectra of Fe, S and FeS complex cluster from FeS using secondary ion mass spectrometry
Dept. of Physics, Osaka Univ.
T. Nagata, T. Ichihara, T. Satoh, H. Ito, T. Matsuo, I. Katakuse

Dissociation study of Tellurium cluster ions Ten+, n=25-85, using secondary ion mass spectrometry
Dept. of Physics, Osaka Univ.
T. Satoh, H. Ito, T. Ichihara, I. Katakuse, T. Matsuo

Chemical Reactions of Silicon Clusters and Metal-Carbon Binary Clusters by using FT-ICR
Engineering Research Institute,The Univ.of Tokyo., School of Engineering, The Univ.of Tokyo.
M.Kohno,T.Yoshida,S.Inoue and S.Maruyama

Stability of multiply charged transition metal clusters studied by a time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Electrotechnical Laboratory
N.Saito, K.Koyama, M. Tanimoto

Observation of multiply-charged metal ion clusters by laser spray and electrospray
Faculty of Engineering, Yamanashi Univ.・ Bruker Japan

The Cluster ions of NO+ with inorganic molecules : The unique structure of NO+(CO)n
Faculty of Engineering , Yamanashi Univ . Nara Univ of Education
T.Mizuno, T.Sugiyama , K.Hiraoka, S.Yamabe

Oral session(1-O3-01〜1-O3-05)

MALDI-TOF-MS of Self-Assembled Monolayer of Ruthenium Complexes
Dept. of Applied Chem., Kansai Univ.; Dept. of Science, Osaka Univ.; Sejong Univ.; Dept. of Applied Chem., Chuo Univ.
T. Fukuo, H. Monjushirou, Hungi Hong, M. Haga, R.Arakawa

Determination of Nuclearity for Multinuclear Copper(I) Complexes
Dept. of Applied Chem., Kansai Univ.; Dept. of Science, Osaka Univ.
N. Kubota, T. Fukuo, T. Kawamoto, Y. Kushi, R.Arakawa

ESI-MS Analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons by Using The Interaction with Tropylium Cation
Osaka City Inst. of Public Health and Environ. Sci.; Dept. of Applied Chem., Kansai Univ.
H. Moriwaki, A. Imaeda, R. Arakawa

The changes of the molecular ions observed in LSIMS mass spectra of [Ru(CN)2(bpy)2] along with the changes of the content of H2O in glycerol
(Laboratory of Chemistry, Nippon Medical School, Department of Chemistry, College of Science, Rikkyo University)
Mikio Tanaka, Eiichi Miki, Tatsujiro Ishimori

The identification and changes of silica species dissolved in several concentrations of sodium chloride solution using FAB-MS spectroscopy; the basic-structures of silicate complexes
The Tokyo University of Fisheries, The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN)
Miho Tanaka, Kazuya Takahashi

Oral session(1-O3-06〜1-O3-11)

Thermal metamorphism of Q in Allende meteorite
(Dept. of Earth Science. Osaka Univ.)
E. Nakasyo, T. Maruoka, J. Matsuda

Lead isotope effects on ligand exchange system by ion exchange choromatography
Research Laboratory for Nuclear Reactors, Tokyo Institute of Technology
M. Nomura, M. Aida, M. Okamoto, Y. Fujii

Simutanious Detemination of Etizolam, Triazolam and Their Metabolites by GC-MS/MS
Osaka Univ. Medical School, Central Lab. for Research and Education
M. Terada, N. Ikawa, Y. Fujimoto, K. Honda, R. Matoba, K. Nakano

The Structure Analysis of Self Assembly Nano-Sized Complexes By Means of Cold ESI-MS
Chemical Analysis Center, Chiba Univ.・ Dept. of Chemistry, Pohang Univ.・ Faculty of Science, Chiba Univ.・ Institute for Molecular Science
K. Yamaguchi, S. Sakamoto, K. Kim, T. Imamoto, M.Fujita

Chiral recognition ability of crown ether derivatives by FABMS/EL guest method
ISIR, Osaka Univ., Dept. of Applied Chemistry, OIT., Osaka Women's Univ., Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka Univ., Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institute
H. Imamura, M. Takada, K. Hagita, M. Umeda, Y. Takai, H. Yamada, K. Hirose, H. Yamaoka, M. Shizuma, N. Tokai, T. Tanaka, Y. Tobe, S. Takahashi, M. Sawada

Mass Spectral Data Base on Microsoft ACCESS

Oral session(2-O2-01〜2-O2-06)

Gas phase bimolecular reaction between trihydroxysilicenium ion and Me3MCl (M=C, Si, Ge) by FTICR mass spectrometry
Osaka Women's Univ., Univ. of Amsterdam
Hiroshi Yamaoka, Roel H. Fokkens, Nico M. M. Nibbering

Metastable decomposition of alkyl esters of difluoroacetic acid.
Gunma National College of Technology
Osamu Sekiguchi, Susumu Tajima

The Simultaneous Transfer of a Hydrogen Atom and a Methyl Group during the Metastable Dissociation of RC+(OCH3) (R = H, CH3) Ions.
Gunma National College of Technology
Susumu Tajima・Atsuyo Fujizuka・ Osamu Sekiguchi

Stability of Methanol-Binded Anions in the Gas Phase
Kyushu University, Institute of Fundamental Research of Organic Chemistry
M. Mishima, Mustanir

Difference in Dissociation between an ion and a neutral species.
Coll.Integr.Arts Sci., Osaka Pref.Univ.・JAERI, Takasaki 
S.Hayakawa, K.Harada, K.Arakawa, and N.Morishita

Applications of neutral detection technique in MALDI-TOFMS
SHIMADZU Corporation, National Institute of Bioscience and Human-Technology
S.Kawabata, T.Yamagaki, H.Nakanishi

Oral session(2-O2-07〜2-O2-11)

The Development of A New Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer 'OVAL' II
JAIST, Sumitomo Heavy Industries
T. Sakurai, H. Nakabushi, T. Hiasa, K. Okanishi

Construction of a Laboratory Model Multi-turn TOF/MS of COSAC Project of ROSETTA Mission
Grad. sch. of Science, Osaka Univ., MPAe
M. Ishihara, M. Toyoda, H. Ito, S. Yamaguchi, I.Katakuse, T. Matsuo, R. Roll, H. Rosenbauer

Spiral Orbit Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer
Emeritus Prof. of Osaka Univ.
H. Matsuda

Production of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes by High-Temperature Pulsed Arc Discharge. 
Dept. of Chemistry, Nagoya Univ., Dept. of Applied Physics, School of Engineering, Nagoya Univ., Nanotubulites Project Japan Science and Technology Corporation
T. Sugai, H. Omote, S. Bandow, N. Tanaka, H. Shinohara

Accurate mass measurement by using Multi-splayer Nano-ESI
Y. Takahashi, T. Morita, S. Fujimaki, T. Kobayashi, T. Higuchi

Oral session(2-O3-01〜2-O3-06)

A computer program for the analysis of protein based on mass map and PSD
Toray Research Center, Inc. Bruker Japan Co., Ltd
Y.Mizuno, T.Akiyama,T.Sasagawa, T. Nirasawa

Ion formation mechanism in MALDI 1: In-source decay processes
Pharm. Sci. Toho Univ.
Mitsuo Takayama, Akira Tsugita

Artificial ions detected in flow injection FritFAB-MS
Structure Analysis Dept., Yamanouchi Pharm. Co.,Ltd.
M.Hiramoto, M. Nishimori, H. Matsumoto, and N.Nagano

Structural Analysis of Glycerolipids in Halobacteria with MS
Sch. of Mate. Sci., JAIST
K. Tsujimoto, T. Mizukami, K. Miyabayashi

ESI/MS of the complexes with protein
Fujisawa Pharm..Thermo Quest, PerCeptive
Z.Tozuka, K.Tamura, T.Shiraga, T.Fujiwara, M.Terakawa, A.Kagayama, M.Kanai, T.Fukuda

Microdetermination of LTE4 in healthy human urine using the liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometric method
Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tohoku Univ. Hospital (Dept. of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences, Graduate School of Pharmacy,Tohoku.Univ.)
N. Suzuki, T. Hishinuma, M. Mizugaki

Oral session(2-O3-07〜2-O3-11)

The Applicability of ESI/MS to the Measurement of Micelle Weight
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nagoya City Univ.
D. Nohara, M. Bitoh, T. Sakai

Identification of ligand binding sites in large biomolecules using mass spectrometry
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kumamoto Univ., Suntory Institute for Bioorganic Research
K. Kawahara, K. Masuda, M. Ishiguro, A. Kuniyasu, H.Nakayama

Distinction of linkage isomers of sialyllactose and sialyllactosamine by the use of CID-MS/MS
1) FRP, RIKEN, Univ. Electrocomm., (present address ; ThermoQuest K. K.),Seikagaku Corporation, Mitsubishi Kasei Life Sci.
Y. Ohashi, M. Kubota, K. Sakurai, Y. Nagai

High-sensitive nanoLC/MS analysis of protein phosphorylation
Inst. Comprehensive Med. Sci., Fujita Health Univ.
E.Yamauchi, H. Taniguchi

Two-dimensional analysis of total phospholipids extracted from mamalian cells by LC-ESI-MS
Fac.Pharm.Sci., Nagoya City Univ.

Oral session(3-O1-01〜3-O1-07)

Structural Determination of Ciguatoxin Analogues by High Energy CID MS/MS
Suntory Institute for Bioorganic Research, Institut Trritorieal de Recherch Medicales Louis Malarde, Japan Food Research Laboratories
H.Naoki, T. Fujita, P. Cruchet, A. M. Legrand, T.Yasumoto

Detection of Chiral Interaction between Saccharides and Amino Acids 
OMTRI, Fac. of Science, Osaka Univ., Dept. of Biology, Osaka Kyouiku Univ., ISIR, Osaka Univ., Fukuyama Univ.
M. Shizuma, H. Adachi, H. Yamada, M. Kawamura, A. Amemura, Y. Takai, T.Takeda, M. Sawada

Sensitive Structural Analysis of Oligosaccharides Derivatized with 4-Aminobenzoic Acid 2-(Diethylamino)ethyl Ester by Post-source Decay MALDI-TOF MS
Division of Organic Chemistry, Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University.
Wenjun Mo, Toshifumi Takao, Hiroko Sakamoto, Yasutsugu Shimonishi

Low Micro LC-MS,MS/MS application to Pharmaceutical Proteomics
Nippon Glaxo Tsukuba Research Laboratories, AMR Co.
T.Nishimura, T.Koshiishi, T.Kawakami, R.Suzuki,F.Usui

Structure study of phosphopeptides and mutated proteins by in-source fragmentation using MALDI-TOF/MS
Dept. of Biochem. and Cell Biol., National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Dept. of Applied Phys. and Chem., The Univ. of Electro-Comm., Dept. of Biochem. and Molec. Biol., The Univ. of Oklahoma,Health Sciences Center
T. Kinumi, H. Niwa, H. Matsumoto

Glyco-Mapping of Soluble Low-Affinity Fc-gamma-Receptors by LC/ESI IT-MS/MS
Central Research Laboratories, Ajinomoto Co., Inc.,Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokyo,Institut Curie, France
R.Yuji, U.Tagami, N.Yamada, W.Yamada, K.Kato, I.Shimada, A.Galinha, C.Sautes,and K.Hirayama

Qualitative and Quantitative Analyses of the Noncovalent,Specifically Bound Complexes (Protein and Sugar-chain) by the Use of Mass Spectrometry
FRP, RIKEN, Univ. of Tokyo
S. Kurono, O. Kanie, K. Yamamoto, T. Irimura, Y.Nagai

Poster session (1-P-01〜1-P-59)

The Development of a Computer Code 'TRIO-TOF' for Third-Order Calculations of Ion Flight Times
Center for New Materials, JAIST, Depertment of Science, Osaka University
T. Sakurai and T. Matsuo

The Estimation of the Ion Optical Characteristics of a New Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer 'OVAL'
Ctr.for New Materials, JAIST
S. Kanesashi, T. Sakurai

The Multi-turn ion optics for TOF/MS with the perfectly returning conditions II
Grad. sch. of Science, Osaka Univ.
M. Ishihara, M. Toyoda, T. Matsuo

Development of the permanent magnet FT-ICR mass spectrometer
Nikkiso co.,ltd.
Y.Yamazaki, Y.Honda,Y.Yamauchi, N.Yoshii K.Nakagawa

Development of a new charged particle tracing program & its application to cross field MS & ftMS external ion source
Dept.ofBasic Technology ,Yamagata Univ

Matastable and CID process in N-(tert-butylacetyl) and N-(adamantanacetyl)piperidin-2-one system during 1st, 2nd, 3rd FFR using BEBE geometry four sector tandem mass spectrometer
Osaka Women's Univ., Osaka City Univ.*
Hiroshi Yamaoka, Yoko Norimatsu, Tamaki Nagasawa*

Interpretation of the Fragment Ions in Stereosomers by Using MO Method
(Nara Women's Univ., Kyouto Univ., Kyouto PharmaceuticalUniv.)
Takae Takeuchi, Keiko Suzuki, Masao Yamamoto, Naoshige Akimoto, Yasuhiro Fujiwara, Keiji Hashimoto

The Comparison of Characterlistics of Laser Spray and Electrospay
Bruker Japan Co.Ltd,Faculty of Engineering,Yamanashi Univ.
I. Kudaka, K. Hiraoka

Detection of Methanol-p-Aminodimethylanilinium Clusters by Spray Ionization and the ab initio Calculations
Grad. Sch. of Eng. Osaka Univ.
M. Arimura, M. Nisizaka, G. Matsubayashi

The Unimolecular Metastable Dissociation of Several Dimethyl Acetalsupon Electron Impact.
Gunma National College of Technology
Susumu Tajima, Atsuyo Fujizuka, Osamu Sekiguchi

The CO2 Elimination Following Skeletal Rearrangement of Methyl Group in the Molecular Ions of Methyl Benzoate and Methyl Methoxybenzoate by Using a Quadrupole Ion Trap.
Gunma National College of Technology, JEOL**
Osamu Sekiguchi, Yukiyasu Kowase, Masao Fujishige, Susumu Tajima, Yutaka Takahashi**

Metastable decomposition of diethoxyalkanes
Gunma National College of Technology
Osamu Sekiguchi, Susumu Tajima

CI mass spectrometry of diene tricarbonyliron complexes
Kobe Pharmaceutical Univ., Dept. of Engineering, Kansai Univ.
T. Sai, K. Saiki, A. Wada, M. Ito, R. Arakawa

Examining non-collisional dissociation methods for molecular ions in FTICR MS
Div. Biomolecular Characterization, The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN)
Y. Naito, K. Takio

High Energy Collision-Induced Dissociation of Small Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Dept. of Applied Chem., Kansai Univ.; Dept. of Chem., Nippon Glaxo Tsukuba Research Labo.
M. Kobayashi, T. Nishimura*, R. Arakawa

Hyperthermal Negative Surface Ionization Mass Spectra of Organic Molecules
Dept. Mater. Chem. Bioeng., Oyama Nat'l College Tech. % Dept. Chem. Environ., Nat'l Inst. Environ. Studies
Hiroshi Kishi, Toshihiro Fujii

Lithium Ion Attachment Mass Spectrometry:Instrumentation and features
National Institute of Environmental Studies
M.S.Kareev, S. Arulmozhiraja, T. Yamada and T. Fujii

Development of the Linear Multi-Reflection Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer
Faculty of Engineering , Yamanashi Univ.,
T. Sato, S.Okazaki, K.Hiraoka

Beam profiles of tellurium cluster ions at beta slit produced by Xe ion bombardment
Dept. of Physics, Osaka Univ.
H. Ito, T.Satoh, T. Ichihara, I. Katakuse, T. Matsuo

Mass spectorometric analysis of oxidized phosphatidylcholine through its oxygenation with soybean or rabbit reticulocyte lipoxygenase
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences,University of Tokushima
A.Tokumura, Y.Yoshioka,T.Sumida,M.Toujima,K.Fukuzawa

Surface Modification of Proteins Analyzed by ESI and MALDI Mass Spectrometry
Dept. of Advanced Chemical Technology, NIMC, Div. of Structural Biology, NIEHS
K.Ishikawa, Y. Koga, C. H. Borchers, K. B. Tomer

Enrichment Analysis of Phosphoproteins
Eisai Co., Ltd., The Rockefeller Univ.
Y. Oda, B. T. Chait

Comparative study of CID, PSD, and ISD of peptides and its database
Pharm. Sci. Toho Univ.
Mitsuo Takayama and Akira Tsugita

MALDI-TOFMS off-line coupled with size excusion chromatography:Application to the detection of enzyme-inhibitor complex.
Structure Analysis Dept., Yamanouchi Pharm. Co.,Ltd.
M.Hiramoto, H. Matsumoto, and N. Nagano

Discrimination of Surface and Inner Thiols of Protein Molecule by MS
Dept. of Science, Osaka Univ., Res. Inst. of Osaka Med. Ctr.
R. Kaneko, T. Matsuo, Y. Wada

The Discrimination between Chondrosine and Dermosine by MALDI-TOF-PSD/MS
Dept. of Materials Science, Kanagawa Univ., Dept. of Appl.Phys. Chem., Univ. Electro-Commun.
M. Ohashi, M. Araki, T.Saisu, T. Kinumi, H. Niwa

Accurate Mass Measurements of Low Molecular Weight Compounds by Matrix-assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry
Faculty of Phar. Sciences, Toho Univ.
T. Fukai, T. Nomura

Precision of Protein Identification Enhanced by Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry
Analytical & Metabolic Res. Labs., Sankyo Co., Ltd.
Toshiyuki Kosaka, Tomoko Takazawa, Kazuishi Kubota, Tomio Ishikawa, Takemichi Nakamura

Structural characterization of Synechococcus lipopolysaccharide using FAB-MS and MALDI-TOF-MS
Shikoku National Industrial Research Institute (SNIRI)
Satoshi FUKUOKA, Hirotaka KAKITA, Hideki OBIKA

Identification of rdw rat specific proteins using two dimensional electrophoresis and MALDI-TOFMS
Tokyo Res. Labo., KYOWA HAKKO KOGYO CO., LTD. , Dept. of Physics, School of Science, and Dept. of Labo. Animal Science, School of Medicine, Kitasato Univ.
H.Ishiguro, M.Oh-ishi, N.Nakamura, S.Furudate, T.Maeda, M.Yoshida

Interaction between Homo-oligosaccharide chains Consisting of Glucoses and Amino Acids
OMTRI, Fac. of Science, Osaka Univ., ISIR, Osaka Univ., Fukuyama Univ.
M. Shizuma, H. Adachi, H. Yamada, A. Amemura, Y. Takai, T.Takeda, M. Sawada

Measurments of molecular weight of cyclodextrin derivatives by MALDI-TOF MS spectrometry
Faculty of Education, Fukui University; Faculty of Engineering, Fukui University; Peptide Institute; Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Hokuriku
K. Isa, T. Yagi, J. Yuchen, T. Ikeda, T. Seo, M.Nakata, T. Sakurai

Structural determination of taxoids using MS and MS/MS
Dept. Biochem, & Mol. Biol, Fac. of Med. Univ. Tokyo;Inst. Anal.Res. Center, Tokyo Med. & Dent. Univ.; Dep. of Pharm. Tokyo Univ. Pharm.& Life Sci.; Dept. Biochem, & Mol. Biol, Fac. of Med. Univ.Tokyo;Dept. Chem. Anal, Tokyo Univ. Pharm. & Life Sci.
T. Takahashi, T. Kasama, K. Takeya, T. Shimizu, Y. Shida

Identification of Phase II metabolites of RT-3003 by LC/ESI-MS -Discrimination of positional isomer pair of glucuronides -
Takata Seiyaku Co. Ltd., Institute of Xenobiotic Analyses, and JASCO International Co. Ltd.
H. Yoshitsugu, T. Fukuhara, K. Manabe, H. Miyazaki, M. Ishibashi, T. Nanbo, and N. Kagi

Simultaneous determination method of emedastin and its metabolites in human plasma using high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry
Dpt. of Pharmacokinetics, Kanebo. LTD.
Rie Takaya, Mitsuhiro Ishida, Fumio Sakamoto

Analysis of imidapril and its metabolites as ions adducted with bromine by using LC-APCI/MS
Analytical Res.Lab. TANABE SEIYAKU CO.,LTD.
S.Horimoto, T.Mayumi, S.Nakamura, K.Banno

Analysis of low molecular weight compounds by the MALDI-TOF/MS:Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the drug in biological samples
Dpt. of Pharmacokinetics, Kanebo. LTD.
Y. Nihashi, M. Ishida, F. Sakamoto

Effects of Solvents and Reagents Producing Adduct Ions on Liquid Ionization(LPI) Mass Spectra of Hydroperoxides
Kanagawa University・Yokohama National University*
Yoshiyuki MOCHIDA, Gorou Arai, Shigeo Nakamura, Masahiko TSUCHIYA*

Evaluation of enantiomeric excess by FABMS/EL host method
ISIR, Osaka Univ., Osaka Women's Univ., Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka Univ.
H. Imamura, H. Yamaoka, H. Yamada, Y. Takai, K. Hirose, Y. Tobe, S. Takahashi, M. Sawada

Hippuric acid analysis in urine of thinner abuser by Liquid chromatography/Mass spectrometry
Forensic Science Lab. Fukuoka Perf. Police H. Q.
M. Morinaga

Chiral Discrimination by ESI,FAB, and MALDI Ionizations Mass Spectrometry
ISIR, Osaka University, Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University, Faculty of Engineering, Kansai University, Department of Applied Chemistry, Osaka Institute of Technology
Y. Takai, H. Yamada, M. Hayashi, K. Hagita, M. Takada, N. Sakurada, K. Nakano, M. Kuroda, T. Tanaka, R. Arakawa, M. Sawada

The Analysis of Thermal Degradation products of O-acyl oximes(2)
Faculty of Pharm. Sciences, Mukogawa Women's Univ.,Faculty of Pharm. Sciences, Toho Univ.
S.Horiyama, K. Suwa, M.Yamaki, H. Kataoka, T.Katagi, M.Takayama

Mass Spectrometry of Hydrogen-Bonded 2,2',2"-Terpyridine Complexes with Secondary Ammonium Ion
Dept. of Applied Chem., Kansai Univ.; Facal. of Eng., Osaka Univ.
N. Sakurada, T. Fukuo, Y. Kurozumi, K. Sada, M.Miyata, R. Arakawa

Analysis of Hydrophilic Pesticides by Sonic Spray Ionization Mass
CRL, Hitachi, Ltd.
A. Hirabayashi, Y. Hirabayashi, H. Koizumi

Analysis of Endocrine Disruptors by using Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS)

Odor analysis of polymer samples during thermal (5)decomposition
Nohmi Bosai LTD, NIID
K. Suzuki, M. Maekawa, T. Nohmi

Quantitative Analysis of Phenol Compounds by GC-MS/MS equipped Large Volume Injection System
ThermoQuest K.K.
Y. Yamagishi ,H.Ikezawa,R.Kiyonami,M.Kubota

CE/MS Using Sonic Spray Ionization
Hitachi, Ltd. Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd. Instrument Division
Yukiko Hirabayashi, Atsumu Hirabayashi, Hideaki Koizumi, Toshihiro Ishizuka

Analysis of pyrolyzate of polyvinylchloride using tandem pyrolyzer GC/MS
JEOL,Frontier Lab.
T.Higuchi, N.Niimura, J.Onodera, C.Watanabe , K.Sato

FAB-, ESI-, MALDI-MS of Neutral Complexes with The Ligand Including Many Sulfur Atoms
Dept. of Applied Chem., Kansai Univ.; Fucal. of Eng., Osaka Univ.
T. Kataoka, T. Abura, T. Fukuo, G. Matsubayashi, R.Arakawa

The Use of LD-MS Technique in Characterization of Coal Extracts
Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka Univ.
Koh Kidena, Levent Artok, Satoru Murata, Masakatsu Nomura

A challenge to the “Supramolecular Chemistry” by means of Mass spectrometry (4) Mass-spectrum of the structure of gest-induced organization of macrocyclic three-dimensional Pd (ll) cagelike complex
Anal.Center, Fact. of Engineering, Fact. of Science, Chiba Univ.,Institute for Moleculer Science(CREST),・Nihon Waters,・Suntory Institute for Bioorgnic Research.
T.Kuramochi, M.Fujita, M.Kanai, K.Masuda, S.Watnabe, M.Funabashi, M.Yokoyama, K.Ogura

Noble gas components in iron meteorites
Dept. of Earth and Space Science, Osaka Univ.
T. Maruoka, J. Matsuda, G. Kurat

Evolved gas analysis of trimethylammonio biphenyls by means of TG-DTA/MS
MAC Science, Sicence Univ. Tokyo
K.Takahashi, S. Nagatani, T. Takemura, Y. Kobayashi

Elimination processes of guest molecule, acetone, from the inclusion complexes of bile acid
Dept. Chem. Kinki Univ., Dept. Mater. & Life Sci. Osaka Univ.
T. Kimura, E. Kawamura, Y. Sugawara, K. Sata, M. Miyata, S. Takagi

Ion Structure Study of Protonated Hydrochloride Salts in the Gas Phase.
Fukui Prefectural Police Head Quarters, Fukui University, NIPPON SHINYAKU CO.,LTD..

Development of High resolution MALDI/ESI FTMS System and its Applications
Newly Instruments Inc., IonSpec Corp.
H. Nakagawa, R. McIver, R. Hunter

The environmental analysis using PTV-GC/MS
Shimadzu Corp.
H.Miyagawa, K.Nakagawa, K.Tanaka

Poster session (2-P-01〜2-P-59)

High Resolution Mass Analysis with Doubleーforcussing Mass Spectrometer
SUMITOMO Chem.Co.,ltd.Environmental Helth Sience Lab.

Development of a EI ion source for a electrostatic sector type TOF-MS
Dept. of Science, Osaka Univ.
S.Yamaguchi, M. Toyoda , H. Ito,M. Ishihara,T. Matsuo

Ion Optics of Flight Model Multi-turn TOF/MS of COSAC Project of ROSETTA Mission
Grad. Sch. of Science, Osaka Univ.
M. Toyoda, M. Ishihara, T. Matsuo

Development of the FT-ICR mass spectrometer coupled with Photon Ionization
Nikkiso co.,ltd
Y.Yamazaki, Y.Honda, Y.Yamauchi, N.Yoshii, K.Nakagawa

Generation and Reactivity of Ions Containing Multiply Bonded Silicon Using FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry
Dept. of Chemistry, Fac. of Science, Nara Women's Univ.,Kurashiki Univ. of Science and Arts, Univ. of Amsterdam
T. Takeuchi, A. Naka, M. Ishikawa, R. H.Fokkens,Leo J. de Koning, Nico M. M. Nibbering

An Ab Initio MO Study on the Fragmentation Mechanisms of C2H2 Isomers in Excited States
Dept. of Chemistry, Fac. of Science, Nara Women's Univ., Osaka Prefecture Univ.
T. Takeuchi, N. Kosaka, M. Yamamoto, S. Hayakawa

Ion Energy-Loss Spectrum of Benzene
Osaka Prefecture Univ.
K. Iwamoto, A. Matsumoto

Structures of Catalytically Active Species Derived from VO(salen)
Dept of Chem.,Aichi kyoiku Univ.; Fac. of Pharm.,Meijo Univ. 
M.Suzuki, H.Konishi, K.Nakajima, N.Takeda, H.Yosizumi

Mass spectra of mercury-silver complex cluster ions using secondary ion mass spectrometry
Dept. of Physics, Osaka Univ.
H. Ito, T. Satoh, T. Ichihara, I. Katakuse, T. Matsuo, H. Matsuda

The Unimolecular Metastable Dissociation of Several Alkyl Chloroformates upon Electron Impact.
Gunma National College of Technology
Osamu Sekiguchi・Masaaki Ubukata・ Susumu Tajima

The Unimolecular Metastable Dissociation of Ionized Metastable 2-Hydroxy-butanoic Acid and Its Methyl Ester.
Gunma National College of Technology, JEOL
Osamu Sekiguchi, Chinatsu Tanaka. Susumu Tajima, Yutaka Takahashi

Unimolecular HCl Loss from the Molecular Ions of Chlorophenols. A "Ring-walk" Mechanism for a Chlorine Atom
JEOL Ltd., Gunma National College of Technology
Y. Takahashi, T. Higuchi, Osamu Sekiguchi, Masaaki Ubukata, Susumu Tajima

Detection of the phenoxyl radical complexes by ESI-MS
Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, Facully of Engineering, Kansai University
M. Taki, S. Itoh, N. Sakurada, R. Arakawa, S. Fukuzumi

CID-MS/MS of Tocopherols
Kyoto Pharm. Univ., Graduate School of Pharm. Sci., Kyoto Univ.,
Takashi Maoka, Naoshige Akimoto, Yasuhiro Fujiwara, Keiji Hashimoto

Monte Carlo simulation for collisional activation in QEA event of FTICR MS
Dept. of Computer Engineering, Hiroshima City Univ., Div.Biomolecular Characterization, The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN)
M. Fujiwara, Y. Naito

The Development of the Exact Mass Measurement Method for ESI-MS Using Crown Ethers as Internal Caribrant
Chemical Analysis Center, Chiba Univ.・ Pharmacentical Sciences, Chiba Univ.・ Dept. of Chemistry, Pohang Univ.・ Faculty of Science, Chiba Univ.・Institute for Molecular Science
K. Yamaguchi, S. Sakamoto・ T. Ishikawa・ K. Kim・ T. Imamoto ・ M. Fujita

Clusters generation in plasmas studied by a time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Electrotechnical Laboratory
N.Saito, K.Koyama, M. Tanimoto

Computer simulation including the interaction between ions and neutrals during excitation in an FT-ICR Mass Spectrometer
Dept. of Computer Eng., Hiroshima City Univ., Div. of Biomolecular Characterization, RIKEN
M. Fujiwara, Y. Naito 1

Structural analysis of ubiquitin using H/D exchange and capillar y-skimmer CID
Div. Biomolecular Characterization, The Institute of Physica l and Chemical Research (RIKEN)
S. Akashi, Y. Naito, and K. Takio

Chiral Amino Acid's Discrimination of ArtificialGeneva Chiral Hosts Containing Saccharide Skeleton 
OMTRI, ISIR, Osaka Univ., 
M. Shizuma, H. Yamada, Y. Takai, T.Takeda, M. Sawada 

Accurate Quantitation of Protein Expression and Site-Specific Phosphorylation
Eisai Co. Ltd., The Rockefeller Univ.
Y. Oda, B. T. Chait

Trial of measurement of phosphates in tail of neurofilament H
Dept. of Clin. Neurosci. Neuropsychiatry, Osaka Univ. Grad. Sch.
Y. Nakamura, R. Hashimoto, M. Takeda,

Identification of carp proopiomlanocortin related hormones by LC-MS
SUNBOR, Kitasato Univ.
A. Yasuda, H. Naoki, A. Takahashi, H. Kawauchi

Nanoflow ESI MS/MS of Oligosaccharides Derivatized with 4-Aminobenzoic Acid 2-(Diethylamino)ethyl Ester
JASCO International, Institute for Protein Research, Osaka Univ., Dept. Biochemistry Okayama Univ. of Science, Micromass
N. Kagi, W. Mo, H. Sakamoto, A. Nishikawa, J. I. Langridge, T. Takao, Y. Shimonishi

Determination of the amino acid sequences of peptidesusing N-terminal derivatization with 5-Bromo-nicotinicacid N-hydroxysuccinimide.
Bruker Japan Co. Ltd., Takara Shuzo Co. Ltd.
K. Kawashima, T. Nirasawa, I. Kudaka, S. Tsunasawa

Characterization of Sulfated Unsaturated Disaccharides from Heparin by MALDI-TOF-PSD/MS
Dept. of Materials Science, Kanagawa Univ., Dept. of Appl.Phys. Chem., Univ. Electro-Commun.
M. Ohashi, N. Hasegawa, T. Saisu, T. Kinumi, H.Niwa

Post-source Decay Fragment Analysis for the Receptor Oligosaccharide Modelsof Influenza Virus 2: Analysis of Sialyl-oligosaccharides.
a)National Institute of Bioscience and Human-Technology, b)Shimadzu, Corp.c)Gifu Univ., 
Tohru Yamagaki、Mei Hu、Shin-ichirou Kawabata、Makoto Kiso、Hiroshi Nakanishi

Primary structure analysis of photoprotein, Luciferase using MALDI-TOF/MS nd ESI/MS.
Dept. of Applied Phys. and Chem., The Univ. of Electro-Comm.,Dept. of Biochem. and Cell Biol., National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Faculty of Education, Shizuoka Univ.
T. Nabetani, T. Kinumi, Y. Ohmiya, H. Niwa

Identification of proteins in synovial fluid of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patient by nano LC/MS/MS
Anal. Res. Lab. and Life Sci. Fund. Res. Lab., Asahi Chemical Ind., ICMS, Fujita Health University
K. Kubo, A. Tanaka, M. Nomura, H. Taniguchi

Analysis of chaperonin by mass spectrometry
Suntory Institute for Bioorganic Research
K. Masuda

Structural Analyses of Limonoid Glycosides Isolated from a Citrus Fruit Peels by FAB/MS
Institute for Compr. Agr. Sci., Kinki Univ., Joint Research Center, Kinki Univ., Sawai Pharm. Co. Ltd., Faculty of Sci. and Engi., Kinki Univ., Faculty of Agri., Kinki Univ.
A. Sawabe, M. Morita, H. Kishine, Y. Matsubara, S. Ouchi, T. Okamoto

Structural Analysis of Surfactins Produced by Strain EB-162 Using FAB/MS
RIKEN, Godo Shusei Co.,Ltd., JEOL DATUM Ltd., Tamagawa Univ.
Y. Esumi, Y. Suzuki, T. Tajika, S. Negishi, K. Miyadera, T. Ichikawa, M. Uramoto

Structure Analysis of Acylpolyamines of Brazilian Nephila Clavipes by Mass Spectrometry
SUNBOR,Columbia University,University of Sao Paulo State

Analysis of Drug-Protein Binding Products Using ESI-MS 
Analytical Center,Pharmaceuticals Group,Nippon Kayaku Co.,Ltd.

Determination of 8-epi-prostaglandinF2α by LC-ESI/MS
Tanabe Seiyaku Co.,Ltd., Discovery Research Laboratory 
Noriko OHASHI, Masayoshi YOSHIKAWA

Structure determination of Inactivated Fosfomycin from Serratia marcessence Clinical isolate by MS and MS/MS analysis
Dept. Chemical Analysis, Tokyo Univ. of Pharm. & Life Science, Division of Microbial Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chiba University
Y. Shida, J. Chen, K. O'Hara, T. Sawai

"MSEQ", a software aid for de novo sequencing by MS/MS
JEOL Ltd.. CIGB, Inst. Protein Res. Osaka Univ.
J. Osuga, K. Nojima, J. F.-Cossio, J. Gonzalez, L. Betancourt, V. Besada, G. Padron, Y. Shimonishi, T. Takao

Analysis of LC/MS by using new volatile ion pair reagents
Masahiko Takino, Masamitsu Ogawara, Shigeki Daishima

Chiral Discrimination Ability Detected by CE and by FAB mass spectrometry, 
ISIR, Osaka Univ., OMTRI, Dept. of Applied Chemistry, Kansai Univ., CLRE, Fac. of Medicine, Osaka Univ.
M. Sawada, M. Shizuma, Y. Yamauchi, R. Arakawa, K. Nakano, M. Kuroda, H. Yamada, Y. Takai, T.Takeda

Determination of Cyanide Ion by Pentafluorobenzylation/GC-NCI-MS; Derivatization with two Molecules of Pentafluorobenzyl Bromide
Res. Ctr. for Environ. Pres., Osaka Univ.
T. Matoba, S. Tsunoi, M. Tanaka

An Attempt to Synthesize a Supercyclodextrin by Self-Assembly
The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University
T. Kaneda, Y. Uejima, Y. Sakata

ESI-MS Analysis of Oxidation of Catechins
Dept. of Applied Chem., Kansai Univ.; Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology*
T. Abura, T. Fukuo, T. Tsuneyoshi, R. Arakawa

Prediction of the precision in quantitative mass spectrometry
National Institute of Health Sciences
Yuzuru Hayashi, Rieko Matsuda, Mitsuo Takayama

High sensitive analysis of Endocrine Disruptors with LC/MS/MS
JASCO International Co., Ltd.,
R. Imajo・N. Kagi・S. Furusho・A. Sibata

Analysis of Organic Pollutants in Environment by Capillary Gas Chromatography / Rounded Hyperboric Quadrupoles MS/MS
GL Sciences, INC
Y. Takei, M. Kurano

Odor analysis of polymer samples during thermal decomposition(4)
Nohmi Bosai LTD., Research laboratory
M. Maekawa, K. Suzuki, T. Nohmi

The study of new largeーvolume injection inlet GC-MS system for trace level compound analysis
1)JEOL LTD., 2)Frontier Lab.
Y.Ueda 1)・ T.Higuchi 1)・ T.Watanabe 2)

Abandance ratio of Hg+ and Hg2+, using secondary ion mass spctrometry
Dept. of Physics, Osaka Univ.
T. Satoh, H. Ito, T. Ichihara*, I. Katakuse, T. Matsuo

Chiral recognition of cellulose tris(5-fluoro-2-methylphenylcarbamate) toward (R)- and (S)-1,1'-bi-2-naphthol by FABMS
Dept.of Applied Chem. Graduate School of Engineering.Nagoya Univ.
K.Matsumoto, C.Yamamoto, T.Kusano, E.Yashima, and Y.Okamoto

Trace Elemental Analysis of Powder by Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry
Res. & Dev. Lab., Daido Steel, Appl. Electron., Daido Inst Tech.
M. Inoue, T. Saka

Speciation of copper(II) and nickel(II)-pyridylazo complexes in solution by ESI/MS
Grad. School of Sci., Osaka Univ.
T. Matsumoto, T. Fukumoto, H. Adachi, H. Watarai

ESI-MS Analysis of Eluates from Medical Plastics
Dept. of Applied Chem., Kansai Univ.; Fuso Pharmaceutical Ind.
T. Fukuo, N. Kubota, M. Tamura*, R. Arakawa

Primordial noble gas component in Canyon Diablo
Dept. of Science, Osaka Univ., Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria
M. Namba, T. Maruoka, J. Matsuda, G. Kurat

Development of pyrogram datadase and its universal high speed library search for polymer characterization using Pyrolysis-GC/MS
Frontier Lab., Kyoto Pharm. Univ., Koriyama Woman Univ., Yokogawa Ana. Sys.
C. Watanabe, K.Hashimoto, I.Nakamura

Thermal decomposition behavior of binders

TG-MS of Ammonium Oxalate Monohydrate (NH4)2C2O4.H2O
Rigaku Co,Dept. Applied Chem.Toko Inst. of Polytechnics,Dept. of Material Sci. and Ceramic Technol. Shonan Institute of Technology
Tadashi ARII,Yutaka SAWADA,Nobuo KIEDA,Shigeyuki KEKI

Proton Affinity Determination of Hydrooxypyridine Relatives by means of FABMS/MS
Faculty of Engineering, Fukui University Faculty of Education, Fukui University
Sun Iante, T. Seo, I. Takahashi, K.Isa

Structural Analysis of Cluster Ions Produced in the Mixtures of Al and Glycerol.
Fukui University.

Analysis time reduction using fast-GC/MS
Shimadzu Corp.
K.Tanaka, H.Miyagawa, K.Nakagawa


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