Clinical MS Sympo.(1-S1-07〜1-S1-10)
(Akira shimizu)
Present No.
Subject of Presentation
Authors' Name
1-S1-07 The detections, characterizations and quantifications of aberrant proteins in body fluids by electrospray ionization mass sepectrometry (Osaka Medical College) Toyofumi Nakanishi
1-S1-08 Structure and function of GPI-anchored protein (Nagoya City Univ.) Ryo TAguchi
1-S1-09 MS application to immunology (Ajinomoto Co., Inc) Kazuo Hirayama
1-S1-10 Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Abnormal Metabolites in Diabetes and Uremia  (Nagoya Univesity Daiko Medical Center) Toshimitu Niwa

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